A few sonic signposts along the way  

High On The Pyg Track Records is the somewhat accidental culmination of over 50 years of love for the most esoteric and arcane of what was originally loosely termed 'Psychedelic' or 'Underground' music.  I was born on a rising tide, fortunate to have musically come of age in the late 1960s, and have kept my eyes, ears and mind wide open ever since!

 I have collected, promoted and written about music of this ilk regularly since 1968 (often when it was unfashionable) and have a network of like-minded friends who are knowledgeable, generous of spirit, and happy to collaborate.

The most amazing opportunities still occasionally present themselves and need to be grasped with both hands. However, rather than profit motivation, the philosophy of High On The Pyg Track Records is always to offer exactly the same guru-v experience we'd like to receive ourselves i.e, previously unreleased recordings with the highest possible quality in terms of sonics, artwork, cool archival graphics and diligently-researched background information. To do so, we're incredibly lucky to have a small but highly motivated and inspirational team in world-renowned 'psychedelic artist' John Hurford, master-tape sound guru Tony Poole (of Starry Eyed & Laughing) and the erudite and trailblazing rock-music writer Nigel Cross (from Shagrat Records).

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