Well, we finally did it - we released our first vinyl!  Housed in mynd-blowing cover art by the great John Hurford we're thrilled to announce the release of 'Tea on the Lawn For Three', a 2 LP set by Rustic Hinge & The Provincial Swimmers recorded deep in the rolling Dorset downs in 1970.  The 'band' (essentially just percussionist Drachen Theaker and guitarist / multi-instrumentalist Android Funnel with help from vocalist Rustic Rod Goodway) was a spin-off of Arthur Brown's Puddletown Express and they made some of the most remarkable music you're ever likely to hear.  Mixing the weirdness of Captain Beefheart's Magic Band and the freewheeling jamming mechanism of 'After Bathing at Baxter's' Jefferson Airplane with bizarre time-signatures,  the Avant-garde of composer Bela Bartok and the eccentric British humour of The Goons and Monty Python, the Hinge created something totally unique.  To add to the wackiness we've even issued a separate album which, in accord with the band's original plan, plays from the inside - outwards!  This limited edition disc ('T on the Lawn 4 4') doesn't contain any music not on the 2LP set but it does re-create their original unreleased album which was scrapped when vocalist Rod Goodway left.  They then concentrated on an instrumental-only album which John Peel's Dandelion label showed interest in releasing.  The whole madcap tale is told within the  detailed sleeve notes.  Visit our Releases page for further details on how to obtain these astonishing recordings.

"Every home should have one" Charles Taylor, Reckless Records

"An underground-as-obscure-as-they-come collector's dream" Steven Krakow, Ugly Things Magazine

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